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Plants That Can Cure Disease Myoma Uteri

Plants That Can Cure Disease Myoma Uteri | Welcome to our WEBSITE, just on this occasion we will give away to your knowledge about Plants That Can Heal myoma uteri, well for those of you who want to know please to read the following article about Plants That Can Heal myoma uteri, happy reading :

Myoma uteri most people would be afraid when they heard of this disease. This disease primarily affects women. Myoma uteri is a benign tumor that occurs in the lining of the uterus which can be caused due to the stimulation of the hormone estrogen, causing the tumor. Although still the name benign tumor danger would be scary and haunting on the sufferer. Myoma uteri usually occurs around the woman's uterus, if myoma uteri is present in the birth canal it will be difficult for you to have children.

Until now many treatments that can be done for the treatment of myoma uteri either by surgical removal of the tumor or the treatment traditionally using myoma uteri Medicinal Herbs. But now you can do it at home without having to bother to think about the cost because you can do it yourself by using medicinal plants that exist around the neighborhood.

If you do not know anything what plants can be used as medicine myoma uteri, this time we'll tell you some of the plants that can be used as a treatment of myoma uteri your home.

Dewa leaf
Leaf god is one plant that has a characteristic green leaves followed by purple berarna line dipinggirnya. Leaf contains flavonoids, saponins, and essential oils turn out widely used to treat various diseases one of which was myoma uteri. Leaves gods have complete efficacy in treating myoma uteri help because it can help relieve pain during myoma uteri relapse and anti-inflammatory (inflammation) to inhibit the growth of myoma uteri.

The trick boiled leaves of the gods secukupnyan then use the water to drink as an alternative treatment.

Turmeric White

From the research results Minyi Chan and colleagues in his book Anti-Cancer Medical Herbs, Curcuma zedoaria have a high effectiveness to treat cancer and tumors. In which there is good content to inhibit the growth of tumors that will turn into cancer and there is a good anti-inflammatory for preventing enlargement and swelling of the tumor. For treatment sufficient to boil a few white turmeric then taken and drunk.

Leaves Sambiloto

Bitter leaf is a leaf that is not foreign to herbal treatment. Not hard to get this plant because it grows in Indonesia a lot of bitter leaf. Substances containing bitter leaf andrographan, diterpene lactone, homoandrographolide, andrographosterin, andrographon, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic, stomakik, anti-hypertension, hypoglycemia, abortive, vermisida, and also anti-HIV. Has proven that andrographolide compound contained in the leaves smbiloto able to inhibit tumor growth (including myoma uteri) and cancer cells. Getting treatment using Bitter plant also includes simple. You just simply prepare fresh Sambiloto leaves to be boiled with water until boiling. Then, water Bitter leaf decoction can be drunk as much as 2-3 times per day on a regular basis.

Parasite Lime

This type of parasite is a parasite that requires no soil media. This type of parasite living as parasites. But although the parasite grows as a parasite of this kind can help cure diseases tumors. Parasite attached to the lime, Citrus aurantifolia including types that after thorough able to help treat tumor diseases. For the treatment of consumption once a day and a half glasses of herb one or two stems parasite lime mixed with a reed stems, and fennel palawara sufficiently.

That may Explanations About Plants That Can Heal myoma uteri are biased we explain to you, hopefully our articles could be useful for your body health, thank you for visiting bye.

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